Ciro & Sal's

Open Nightly
Dinner 5.00pm

4 Kiley Court
Provincetown, MA 02657



CIRO & SAL'S ~ Provincetown's best known and most popular restaurant was 
founded by Ciriaco Cozzi and Salvatore Del Deo in 1951 as a coffee shop. The 
two young Italian-American men had met in Provincetown in 1947 as students 
of Henry Hensche, the painter, and in order to make a living as well as be able to 
paint, they decided to open an after-hours sandwich shop. It was an overnight 
success and became a gathering place for Provincetown's art colony and the local 
fishermen community alike. Today, CIRO & SAL'S still known as an artists' 
Restaurant; you may find yourself dining next to Anne Packard or Paul Resika.
The restaurant was established in the cellar of a large house at the end of Kiley 
Court. This late-night spot was so popular that neighbors complained of the 
noise to the Board of Selectmen, who voted an 11:30 p.m. curfew. The menu at 
CIRO & SAL'S consists of pasta, chicken and veal dishes inspired by old 
recipes, as well as fish dishes utilizing the plentiful supply of fresh local seafood. 
Our policy of hiring and training employees from ground up still holds true 
today and has produced many a gourmet cook. In fact, a number of 
Provincetown's restaurateurs learned the business at CIRO & SAL'S.
Today, the restaurant consists of a  number of loosely connected dining areas in 
a romantic brick wine cellar. With slate floors, candlelit tables and low ceilings 
festooned with straw-clad Chianti bottles, the restaurant exudes the romantic 
atmosphere of an Italian cantina, which, in Provincetown, is quite unique. 
Upstairs, mirrored walls, soaring ceilings and large windows overlooking the 
surrounding gardens lend an air of Renaissance elegance to additional dining 
space. The adjoining bar, a charming hideaway tucked beneath the eaves of the 
old building, opens at 5 p.m. and is a popular gathering spot.
The menu has expanded over the years to offer the widest selection of Italian 
specialties. Prepared to gourmet perfection with the freshest ingredients are such 
favorites as manicotti, cannelloni, lasagna verdi, spaghetti carbonara and 
fettucine alla romano, as well as a variety of exquisite veal and seafood 
dishes. The veal dishes, especially are renowned for their quality and flavor.
In April, 2000, Larry Luster emerged as the new owner of the financially ailing 
restaurant. Larry, a longtime employee since 1969, had a vision of revival for 
the beloved institution and a return to its prominent status in the community; 
serving traditional recipes of freshly prepared Northern Italian cuisine and 
restoring the charming ambience to the beloved restaurant of so many patrons.
The restaurant owes its re-birth to Larry Luster, without whose vision, 
perseverance and willingness to take a risk, this venerable institution might not 
have survived. Larry is very much a 'hands on' owner. His home away from 
home is the kitchen in CIRO & SAL'S where he oversees the preparation of all 
the sauces and ingredients that are needed at night. 
Larry's intimate knowledge of all the menu items and inner workings of the 
restaurant have assured the continuity and consistency that customers expect. 
Our seafood bouillabaisse dish won #1 Best Dish out of 99 Best Things to Eat on 
Cape Cod. CIRO AND SAL'S has won #1 Best Ethnic Restaurant by Cape Cod 
Magazine for 11 years since Larry Luster  has owned the restaurant. 

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