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Dining At Ciro & Sal’s In Provincetown, MA

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If you are passionate about Italian cuisine, you’re in the right place. Ciro & Sal’s offers an atmosphere made of conviviality, intimacy and a touch of rusticity.

If you are passionate about Italian cuisine, you’re in the right place. Ciro & Sal’s offers an atmosphere made of conviviality, intimacy and a touch of rusticity. When it comes to Italian restaurants around the world it can be very hard to find something actually linked to Italian recipes and their tradition. Italian cuisine is something that is always alive, changing over time, and reacting to the succession of things in life; it happens everywhere, even in Italy itself. But there is a foundation, something that characterizes Italian cuisine: the importance of tradition, the freshness of the products and the friendly cozy atmosphere of the trattoria itself is at the very core.

When it comes to Italian cuisine around the world, the difficulty lies in keeping this characteristic intact and in recreating a horizon of Italian flavors and habits. It’s quite difficult but, if you find the right restaurant having a fundamental evocative power, in a single bite, it may manage to induce this passion for flavor and tradition.

A few steps away from Provincetown’s harbor, Ciro & Sal’s offers everything you need for a dining experience to remember. You will find amazing food, wonderful service, and the character of an Italian family home during the most magical time of the year. Ciro & Sal’s can easily become the perfect location for a family celebration or a romantic setting for a special moment with your better half. What make this place so special is the ambiance, the brick fireplace’s warm relaxed vibe, the low lighting, the comfort of their wine cellar dining room.

Ciro & Sal’s unites the passion for Italian cuisine while using freshest local ingredients, homemade sauces and a massive focus on quality honoring the traditional Northern Italian cuisine in the best possible way. Quality and professionalism are the main key of the restaurant and this is the reason why the staff all about provides such a warm and welcoming experience to the guests.

Some of the highlights are great appetizers like Ostriche alla Giannini (Wellfleet oysters baked on the half-shell with pesto and parmigiana) Carciofi alla Romanelli (roasted artichoke hearts baked with prosciutto) It would be unjust to not mention the incredible daily fresh seafood, locally sourced from local fishermen. The most famous dish is the Abruzzese (a seafood bouillabaisse with scallops, clams, shrimp, fish, mussels and calamari with sautéed with plum tomatoes, fresh garlic and herbs over pasta) The wine list is more like a wine bible; you can find wines from Tuscany to Piedmont to Napa Valley, to pair perfectly with your dinner. If you don’t want to eat something but you want to relax and have a special wine night you can easily do that at the Upstairs Wine Bar with their fantastic bartender, Timmer.

Basically, if you are looking for the perfect location for a great dinner with amazing food and a unique atmosphere, Ciro & Sal’s is definitely the place for you. A dinner there means quality, comfort, and professionalism, in a beautiful atmosphere.

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