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Dining At Ciro & Sal's During The Off-Season

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When it comes to fine dining in the town of Provincetown, there is none that leaves a greater and longer lasting impression on the mind than Ciro and Sal’s...

When it comes to fine dining in the town of Provincetown, there is none that leaves a greater and longer lasting impression on the mind than Ciro and Sal’s, a quaint Italian restaurant that provides the right blend of atmosphere and food to stimulate your senses and give you an experience well worth the cost. Be it a date with your partner, or a quiet dinner with your parents; you can’t do better than Ciro and Sal’s.

A hidden gem

Ciro & Sal’s can rightfully be called a hidden gem because while you might not have heard of it outside of Massachusetts, it is the pinnacle of the Italian fine dining experience on Cape Cod. Established in 1956, it has been a landmark that has served as inspiration for other aspiring culinary institutions. With its fine seafood that is caught fresh from the region and the homemade sauces that are made from organic vegetables, you get a chance to satisfy your appetite most extravagantly. Furthermore, you get a chance to wash it all down with a selection from the most grandiosely stocked wine cellar in Massachusetts.

Cozy and calm – an ideal atmosphere

Before I visited Ciro & Sal’s, I was excited for what awaited me, but I was also carrying around a fair amount of uncertainty. Fine dining isn’t something that I do all year, and with such a small personal portfolio of Italian restaurants constituting my dining experience, I couldn’t truthfully say that I knew what I was getting into. However, all it took was a single step inside the premises of the grand institution to realize that I had made the right decision. I was welcomed by a warm and cozy environment that stood in sharp (and pleasant) contrast to the chilly weather outside. I was greeted warmly by a staff member, who proceeded to show me to my table. I can’t claim to be an expert in analyzing restaurant service, but I can certainly say that I was impressed by her attitude and overall demeanor. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a large bricked fireplace, crackling with flames and full of life. I was starting to fall in love with this place already.

A celebration of Italian food

Once my glass had been filled with wine and the menu placed in front of me, I set out on a most pleasurable journey; perusing the list of all the Italian delicacies that Ciro & Sal’s has to offer. Names such as veal marsala and roasted eggplant bruschetta popped out at me, while more familiar names such as spaghetti carbonara succeeded in making my mouth water as well. In the end, I settled for the classic veal parmesan with pasta. The waiter came over to take my order, smiled at me and set off. I was getting extremely comfortable, and I was glad that I wasn’t out right now during the uncomfortably cold December night. My mind was merely meandering when a well-dressed and cheerful person approached me and introduced himself as the manager of the restaurant. He then entertained me with the story of how this amazing institution was founded, and I must admit I had quite a nice time conversing with him. This affirmed my initial perception that the staff at Ciro & Sal’s is friendly and eager to be of service.

A heavenly experience for the taste buds…and final thoughts

At last, my pasta and veal parmesan were served to me, and with the aroma bathing my olfactory nerves most pleasantly, I took my first bite. It was amazing, and I truly felt like I was having dinner in a Venetian palace. I wrapped up my dining journey with a few cocktails, and I left the place feeling very satiated indeed. Ciro & Sal’s delivers an authentic Italian experience, and it is one that no one should miss out on. I heartily give it a 5/5 rating, and I am already anticipating my next visit over here, hopefully with a partner!

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