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The Dish Pesce Adriatico

Provincetown Magazine

Chef Larry Luster of Ciro & Sal’s is known for his exquisite Italian food. He was good enough to share with us the following recipe for a divine seafood dinner, adapted from one of the original Ciro recipes. You are encouraged to taste the incredible flavorful dish at the restaurant, but also to try making it at home.

Luster says it is east, and it certainly looks it, but the full, yet simple taste combinations in this dish are anything but ordinary. We tried this dish with salmon as the main fish, although, any meaty fish can be used here. This is not your mother’s poached salmon though. The succulent meat of the fish, encapsulated in a bath of butter, herbs, turmeric, capers, and red wine vinegar, is surprisingly light, even as the full body of red wine vinegar enriches the sauce. The always delicious shrimp and delicate mussels add and extra special accent.

Buon appetito!


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